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School Management Software

School Management Software is the one stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate data management process. Whether you are looking for the best school ERP for school, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and experienced team at ZeroERP knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore, develops a user-friendly and secure school erp.

School software that we develop

  • Improved User Experience
  • School over Phone
  • Education Simplified
  • Investment of the best brains
  • Priceless for less the price
  • Personalizing Data
  • Unique academic backup
  • Awakening the future
  • Managing school 24/7
  • Auto Filling Plan

Top Benefits of Using Our School Software

Administrative Agenda

As the smooth functioning of an educational institution is the responsibility of the administration quorum, our school management system is included with enhanced access to the members in the administration panel. In this module they can publish official announcements and notification for teachers, students and parents. This portal can be used to validate the performance and financial growth of the entire academic system.

Teacher’s Frame

We realized the need for a specialized access portal for the teachers as they are an integral part in the education system. The Web School ERP, teacher module features the submission of class attendances and progress reports of students. Teachers are provided with passwords to access this portal so as to ensure security.The ERP is designed so as to reduce the stress and efforts of teachers in managing the student records and academic curriculum’s.

Student Circle

The major feature of the student module is that it is designed in a way that it prioritizes all the necessary needs of the pupils. They can securely access this portal with their unique log in password to stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations. They can also get notified with exam schedules, disciplinary warnings, fee payment details, library records or any alterations in class systems. To know details on book borrowings from the library or availability of school buses, students just need to access this module.

Parent Pavilion

With the parent module in Web School ERP System, our clients are ensured by the fulfilled quality of the educational establishment. This feature is made so as to satisfy the important duties of the parents, in monitoring the performance of their children in both the academics and the extra-curricular activities. They can keep following students attendance lists, fee payment details, class schedules, exam timetables, progress reports and all other day-to-day happenings in the school.

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How can educational institutes avail the benefits of School management software at Our Software?

  • TRY FOR FREE OUR school management software offers a free trial to all educational institutes for a certain time period so that any institute can access all the modules offered and after satisfaction buy a licensed software.
  • GET CONNECTED WITH EVERYONE our developed a school software in such a way that everyone can stay connected with each other. Students will be able to discuss their doubts with faculties anytime and anywhere. Also, students can interact with each other to discuss the studies.

Primary Modules of Our School Software

  • Student moduleAs the name suggest student module helps educational institutes to manage all the data regarding students at one place and with it include all details about his/her admission, general, demographic, communication, family, health, documents and all images from the period he enrolled in school till he passes out.
  • Finance module In finance module, educational institutes can manage all activities regarding fees, deposits, scholarship, accounts or any other financial transaction that are performed. School can assign fees to students and generate fee receipt according to it, colleges can manage deposit made by students and adjust it while maintaining records virtually on School fee management software.
  • Assessment module This module is most important relative to other modules we discussed as it manages the examination activities carried out in campuses and generate mark sheets for the same. Although different states have their own state board format and pattern to conduct exams and generate mark sheet, report card according to it.
  • Resourse module Resource module is responsible for managing the stock inventory, asset management of institutes and it can be anything from stationary containing chalk, the marker to lab instruments of campus. Apart from that library is also managed by maintaining the records of each and every book in the library from it’s condition to the student it is issued. Although many school software provider doesn’t have canteen management facility, but this can be plus factor for your campus, so consider that too.
  • HR module HR module is specifically designed to maintain the records of the employees of the school and this includes all from principal, teachers, clerk to peon. In this module, the general information records are managed just like student records. Attendance is also managed and recorded of the employees and leave adjustment can also be carried out from here only.