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Online Cable TV Management Software

Cable TV Management Software is an advanced way to manage the records of customers and streamline the billing processes to reduce the turnaround time and overall cost, decrease risk and enhance profitability of the company.

Cable TV Management Software

  •    Advanced Customar Management
  •    Easy-to-Use, Interactive Interface
  •    Autometic Billing & Payment Notification
  •    Employees Payroll Management
  •    Inverstor Profit & Loss A/c
  •    Owner & Employee Manadgement

Advantages of Cable TV Management Software

Cable TV Management – a complete one stop software solution for all types of cable TV operators. Cable TV Management take care of the subscriber management as well as cable laying diagram and network management. Cable TV Management is the first software for the Cable TV Operators, which has Administration and Network Management system in a very affordable price. Let’s have a look at the major advantages of an efficient and Cable TV Management System:

  • Automate Client wise Billing and Payment Status
  • Employee Management And Take Money From Customar
  • Centralized Documentation for Instant Access from Anywhere
  • Provides Transparent & Easily Comprehensible Portrait of Facts & Figures
  • Reminds Important Points Like Payment Date, Due Amount and So On
  • Reduced Turnaround Time & Thus Reduced Overall Cost

Why Our Cable TV Management Software?

Integrated Accounts

An All-in-One application with cable tv management system as well as advanced accounting features.

Easy To Use

Simple and self-expressive user interface to ensure ease of use and enhance productivity.

Outstanding After-Sale Support

Any issue regarding the application or its use, we are always at your reach via phone, chat & email.

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Major Features At-A-Glance

Subscriber Management:

Cable Tv is a software to maintain Set-top box Billing. Our software helps the cable TV operators manage their business in an efficient way. The cable operator can manage their customer, connections, set-top boxes information, Packages Information with package updates.

Customer Management

This feature will offer you an advanced way to streamline all your customers along with their details like documents, address, contact no as well as their running loans, previous history, credibility and so forth instantly. It will also provide you the information like transaction details, referral details, nominee name etc. at your fingertip.

Customized Dashboards with Rich Graphs and Text Reports:

Cable TV integrated with latest features that visualize in the graphical view with customized dashboard. Complete data information about the subscriber total no of STB, active STB, Expired STB ,Inactive,weekly & monthly collections. New registration total compliant registered and also can view users starts by MSO name.

Customized Roles & Privileges

Our software enables with advanced features to create n number of branches with customized roles can use, create, and share a wide range of geographic content, including area, colony, building, and analytics. The ability of individual organization members to access and work with content in different ways depends on the Roles & privileges that have been assigned members to control through roles.

Complaints Management:

The analytics and reporting capability of the Complaints Management System, visualize the total number of complaints registered, resolved and pending complaints as per weekly and monthly.Registering allocation and resolution of customer complaints and acts a central Hub to keep all records related to customer complaints. The complains can be registered in multiple ways for registering complaints through Head office executive, salesperson or employee. complaint to the particular area operator through notification. It has multiple features like assign generating reports & escalation for the complaint total track records

Leads Management

Cable TV lets you track all the information about your CRM leads. Vizulize with Rich Graphs and Text Reports up-to-date information while understanding You can even see where a marketing campaign lead came from, read the relevant insights you can act on, our application helps you track complete information about the leads as per arera, colony and building.

General Reports

Another brilliant reporting feature that enables you to stay aware regarding several facts about your company. This section covers reports like discount details, daily transaction report, loan details list, customer list, customer ledger details, customer transaction details and so on